Actualizar Memoria en un Passport 8600

This document describes how to install a memory upgrade to the following Passport CPU modules:

• 8190SM

• 8690SF

• 8691SF

With the Passport 8000 Switch Series Software Release 3.5 and above you must upgrade the 8190SM and the

 8690SF to 256MB.

Although it is not required with Release 3.5, Nortel Networks recommends that you upgrade the 8691SF to

 256MB to accommodate future capabilities. The 256MB memory upgrade kit (Order No. DS1411016)

contains the following:

• 256 MB dual inline memory module (DIMM).

• 256 MB label to apply to the faceplate of the CPU module

• 3 CPU part number labels See Table 1 to identify the appropriate label to apply to your CPU module pan.

Note: Nortel Networks only supports the 256 DIMM contained in this memory upgrade kit (Order No.

DS1411016). Installing a 256MB DIMM other than the one enclosed in this memory upgrade kit will void any

warranty or maintenance contract on the module. 

Handling DIMMs and Passport 8600 Modules

The 8000 Series modules are sensitive to static electricity. Static discharge from your clothing or other fixtures

 around you, even at levels that do not create a spark, can cause damage.

To prevent static discharge damage when you work with 8000 Series modules, place each module on a

 grounded antistatic mat until you are ready to install or leave it in the sealed ESD bag.

Wear a discharge leash or wrist strap to free yourself of static before you touch a module.

To upgrade your Passport CPU memory upgrade you must first remove the Passport CPU Module from the

 Passport 8000 Series chassis.

Removing the Passport CPU Module

To install your Passport CPU memory upgrade you must first remove the Passport CPU Module from the

 Passport 8000 Series chassis.

If you have one Passport CPU Module installed in your chassis,

you must power down your switch. If you have two Passport CPU Modules you can remove the Passport CPU

 module with the power on or off.

Refer to instructions for turning power off in your chassis installation manual. Refer to Installing 8600 Modules

 and use the instructions for removing a module.

Be sure to place the Passport CPU Module on a clean, nonconductive surface.

Removing the DIMM from the Passport CPU Module To upgrade the Passport CPU Module, you must first

 remove the installed DIMM.

To remove the DIMM from the Passport CPU Module:

1 Locate the DIMM to remove (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Location of DIMM on the Passport CPU Module


2 Pull the locking tabs on each side of the DIMM outward to unseat the DIMM (Figure 2).


3 Grasp the top corners of the DIMM and pull it out and away from the connector.

Installing the Memory Upgrade DIMM

This procedure assumes you have already removed the DIMM from the appropriate socket as described in the

 previous section.

Your upgrade kit contains one 256 MB DIMM. To install it:

1 Remove the DIMM from the package and place it on a static-free surface.

2 Holding the DIMM by its top corners (opposite the connector edge), orient the DIMM so that the notches align

with the keys in the DIMM socket (Figure 3).

3 Insert the DIMM into the Passport CPU connector socket and press it in to seat the DIMM firmly in the socket(Figure 4).

4 Press the locking tabs in one at a time to secure the DIMM in its locked position (Figure 5).

Caution: Although it is normal to feel a slight resistance as the DIMM comes to its locked position, be careful not

 to use too much force. You may damage the DIMM socket by forcing the DIMM into the locked position.

Attaching the labels

One 256MB label and 3 CPU part number labels are contained in your memory upgrade kit.

If you need to return your module to Nortel Networks, to ensure  rompt servicing please follow these steps to

 attach the labels:

1 Remove the paper backing from the 256MB label.

2 Attach the 256 MB label to the CPU module faceplate next to the module model number as shown in Figure 6.


3 Locate the appropriate part number label for your CPU (Table 1).

Table 1 

Table 1 Choosing the appropriate CPU module part number label

4 Remove the paper backing from the appropriate CPU part number label.

5 Attach the appropriate CPU part number label to the bottom of the CPU module as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7 Location of CPU part number label on the bottom of the CPU module

5 Install the Passport CPU Module in the chassis. To install the Passport CPU module, refer to Installing 8600

 Modules and follow the instructions for installing a module

Connecting to Nortel Networks online

This section describes products, services, and support systems that can be accessed online.

Hard-copy technical manuals

You can print selected technical manuals and release notes free, directly from the Internet. Go to the documentation URL. Find the product for which you  need documentation. Then locate

 the specific category and model or version for your hardware or software product. Use Adobe* Acrobat Reader*

 to open the manuals and release notes, search for the sections you need, and print them on most standard

 printers. Go to Adobe Systems at the URL to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat


How to get help

If you purchased a service contract for your Nortel Networks product from a distributor or authorized reseller,

 contact the technical support staff for that distributor or reseller for assistance.

If you purchased a Nortel Networks service program, contact Nortel Networks Technical Support. To obtain

 contact information online, go to the URL, then click

 on Technical Support.

From the Technical Support page, you can open a Customer Service Request online or find the telephon

 number for the nearest Technical Solutions Center.

If you are not connected to the Internet, you can call 1-800-4NORTEL (1-800-466-7835) to learn the telephone

 number for the nearest Technical Solutions Center. An Express Routing Code (ERC) is available for many Nortel

Networks products and services. When you use an ERC, your call is routed to a technical support person who

 specializes in supporting that product or service. To locate an ERC for your product or service, go to the URL.

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