Errores Impresoras TektroniX

                                                                                      7,005.47 The drum Maintenance home sensor actuated, but not at the expected time Run diagnostics to verify clutch and sensor operation. Also verify that the drum maintenance shaft is properly assembled. 2,000 System fault I/O Board. 2,001.40 The engine cannot detect the presence of the right I/O board. 2,002.40 The engine cannot detect the […]

Errores Impresoras LexmarK

                                                                   Error 20 Input Paper Sensor was not triggered. Paper may be jammed at the sensor. Remove toner cartridge for better access to jammed paper Replace pick up rollers Error 21 The exit sensor was not tripped in time Check for paper jam Error 22 The exit sensor was not tripped in time. Check for […]

Errores Impresoras OKI

                                                                           1 Machine Check Exception A problem has been detected in the printer hardware 2 DSI Exception The printers main logic has attempted to look up an invalid address. 3 ISI Exception The printers main logic has attempted to read the next instruction, which has failed to execute for some reason. 4 Alignment Exception The […]

Errores Impresoras Konica Minolta

                                                           Temperature Control Error 1. Repower the printer. If problem is not resolved go to step 2. 2. Improve the connection between the fusing unit and its connectors. Remove the fusing unit and reset. 3. Does heat lamp (H1) come on when the power supply is turned on? NO, Replace the fusing unit. […]

Errores Genericos Impresoras HP ( II Parte )

Access Denied Menus Locked   The control panel function you are trying to use has been locked by the network   administrator to prevent unauthorized access. Ask the network administrator to unlock   the function.   Bad Duplexer Connection   The duplexer is not correctly installed.   1 . Ensure that the right-angle power cord […]

Errores Genericos Impresoras HP (I Parte )

                                    10.00.00 Supplies Memory Error alternates with 10.10.00 The printer is unable to read the electronic info on the print cartridge Replace print  cartridge 13.XX Paper Jam [Location]  Media is jammed at the specified location (and possibly at other locations). If the  message persists after all jams have been cleared, a sensor or sensor […]