Actualizar Memoria en un Passport 8600

This document describes how to install a memory upgrade to the following Passport CPU modules: • 8190SM • 8690SF • 8691SF With the Passport 8000 Switch Series Software Release 3.5 and above you must upgrade the 8190SM and the  8690SF to 256MB. Although it is not required with Release 3.5, Nortel Networks recommends that you […]

Configuracion Puerto Management Passport Serie 8600

       Existen 3 vias de asignacion de direcciones Ip en el Passport 8600 Series Switch: 1 Usando la IP address asignada a VLAN 2 Usando la IP address address asignada a el modulo CPU (8190SM, 8690SF, or 8691SF) 3 Usando el mgmt virtual IP address.  – Para asignar una IP address a unaVLAN, ejecutar […]